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01. The sailors watched the [horizon] for signs of the pirate ships.
02. Dark clouds appeared on the [horizon]; a storm was coming.
03. The citizens of Tokyo fled in terror when Godzilla appeared on the [horizon].
04. The curvature of the earth makes it look like you will sail off the edge of the world if you head for the [horizon].
05. Rainbows occur only when the sun is 40Ø› or less above the [horizon], as in the morning or the late afternoon.
06. Ed Daly once said that surfing is good for the soul because worries seem to drift away as you scan the [horizon] for the next wave.
07. Anton Chekov wrote, "The Lord God has given us vast forests, immense fields, wide [horizons]; surely we ought to be giants, living in such a country as this."
08. The moon was just beginning to appear above the [horizon] as the hikers made it to their campsite.
09. The monster stood silhouetted on the [horizon], with the castle looming dark behind him.
10. In ancient Egypt, the symbol of the sun rising over a hilly [horizon] signified life.
11. Wild cats hold their tales [horizontally], whereas domestic cats hold them vertically.
12. During the time of Christopher Columbus, comets were believed to be the product of gases rising from swamps located somewhere beyond the [horizon].
13. He hurt his back and couldn't sleep in a [horizontal] position, so he had to sleep upright in a chair.
14. People cried in fear as the alien spaceships appeared over the [horizon].
15. By learning a new language, you are opening up new [horizons] for your future life.
16. Clothing which is [horizontally] striped may make you look heavier than you really are.
17. Howard Thurman once noted that a dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged [horizon], the great hope.
18. Konrad Adenauer once observed that we all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same [horizon].
19. George Bernard Shaw once suggested that dancing is the vertical expression of a [horizontal] desire legalized by music.{</charset>}

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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